will Miro comply with GDPR after September 1, 2021?

  • 30 July 2021
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If I have sensitive data on my boards, that according to GDPR is not admitted to be transferred to the U.S. can I still use miro after its update of terms on September 1, 2021?

Te new terms include:

  • Added detail on international data transfers, including you consent to transfer data to the United States to provide the Services.
  • Added details regarding ongoing compliance with Privacy Shield, including clarification that Miro does not rely on Privacy Shield as a mechanism to transfer data to the United States.

What, if I do not give my consent to those data transfers?


Best answer by Wolfgang Reimesch 1 August 2021, 17:30

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7 replies

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@Wolfgang Reimesch -

I’d recommend opening a Miro support request for this as it should be addressed via a Miro staff member: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center


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Miro sent me a mail about its policy updates and mentioned to adress any questions to

I send the request three times to that adress and still got no answer.

How long should I wait for this, since Semptemper is coming closer, and I have to make a decision?

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@Marina - would you be able to escalate this with the appropriate Mironeer?


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Thank you for your support, miro has answered and I understand that it took them some time, since that matter is quite complicated at current time.

Since I am a Software Architect and also teaching courses in that matter, I have to clarify such questions for me with the same diligence that I teach to my students.


And what is the answer to the question? Is Miro complaint with EU regulations?

We use Miro to support workshops with a client of ours. Their legal department just told us they can no longer allow the use of Miro, as it is not GDPR compliant. This is of course a major concern, as it blocks us from delivering our workshop services.

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I think it would be weird if this answer to such an important question is confidential in some way.

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I think it is somewhat a strange situation to see that companies step back from using miro due to a lack of GDPR compliance, while miro itself claims it does fully support the law situation.

I will miss miro and  I wish itself miro would take this situation a bit more serious.