Will i face performance issue in Miro?

  • 16 June 2020
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Hi, everyone

i want to know

will i encounter performance issue if i do below actions in Miro ?


  • create 1000+ frames in a board
    • i.e. the board-speed is too slow or something like that 
  • create 1000+ boards


Plz help to share your user experiences

i’m afraid to have such performance issue once i introduce Miro into our team



⏤ Casio


Best answer by Timm Shrago 16 June 2020, 13:45

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4 replies

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@casio hi,
1000+ boards will not slow down your experience. We have teams with 10000+ boards.

As for 1000 frames on a board, could you explain your use case?

@Timm Shrago


thx reply

actually, i need to pick one of it 

below is my use case, 

but the main idea is that the frame corresponding to related ticket in Asana


just because i have so many tickets

❶ 10000+ frames

i can plot all the tickets related user journey map ( or flowchart, whatever ) in one board

so in that board, each ticket will map to each frame


❷ 10000+ boards

i can have one board for one ticket, so i may just have 1 frame in a board


thx again, have a good day :slight_smile:



⏤ Casio


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I see.
I’d recommend something in between.
One board can easily hold 10K widgets (up to 100K actually, but it requires a powerful device), including Asana cards for which we have integrations available on the Team plan and other paid plans.
If you group your tickets to have a few groups it would be easier to navigate across boards and to work on each specific board.

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You will. I have a year of expirience and it’s still out of my expectation. At least for the subscribtion fee I pay