Why are font sizes inconsistent in sticky notes

  • 18 May 2020
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I have set my font size to 24pt on a number of card, but it is being displayed at different sizes (as if it’s set to auto). This is inconsistent, meaning I have to manually faff with the font size to get things legible, and my board looking ok.



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7 replies

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@kevin -

How have you set the type face size on cards as I didn’t think there was an option to set it unlike with “normal” shapes? 


Having the same problem...the cards look terrible.  They are just a mash-up of different sizes and fonts.  Is there a way to control this?

Hey there,

@kevin, I guess you mean sticky notes? You can select all stickies on the board and change the text size in all of them. Does it work?

@Rob Blatt, it looks like you created cards on different zoom levels. If you create them on a particular zoom level and of one size, the text size should be consistent. This is the only way to control the font size in cards.

Thanks for clarifying.  However, I hope this can be improved in the future.  Zooming in is great but it shouldn’t prevent creating a board where the card/font sized are completely inconsistent.  I’m not even sure how to set the board back to a previous zoom level to repair. 

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I have created a wish list item - “Locking Font & Sticky size”. This is to ensure all sticky have same look and feel. 


This is extremely annoying trying to adjust text sizes so that they look the same.  I don’t care if it’s a sticky note or some other box, a font size of 10 should look the same.  But instead a font size of 10 in one box looks TOTALLY different than a font size of 10 in a different box.  How can two boxes with RADICALLY different font sizes be labeled as the same exact font size?  


This is still a problem. It’s nuts.