When copying entire boards, allows links in the Notes section to correspond to the new board

  • 21 September 2021
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This was addressed in a post 6 months ago but currently what we want is not possible. The problem step-by-step:

1. Board A created. In the Notes section, there are links to specific areas of Board A.B
2. Board A duplicated to create Board B.
3. In Board B, in the Notes, the links go to Board A area.

Request: Allow links in Board B Notes to correspond to areas in Board B, not back to Board A.


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3 replies

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@Robert Kienzle - Have you reported this to Miro support?

I would say this is a bug as I see no reference in the Visual notes or How to duplicate a board Help Center articles to indicate that internal links should not be updated to match the new board/object Ids.

If you haven’t yet reported this to Miro support, I will. I have also attached a copy of my test boards where

  • I created board Board A
  • added a sticky note titled “Sticky note on Board A” and linked to it in the visual notes pane - the board and widget Id are:
  • I duplicated Board A and renamed it to Board B (new board Id: o9J_lv5cdVQ=/)
  • Updated the text of the sticky note on Board B to “Sticky note on Board B”
  • and the link in the visual notes pane of Board B is still that of Board A.

In anticipation of a Miro support ticket, here are the boards for duplication:

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Hi, Robert, and thanks. I have not reported this yet. If you can, that’s great. Just to clarify: 

We want the links in Board B to go to Board B areas, not back to Board A. 

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@Robert Kienzle et al: It looks like we have our answer from Miro support:

Thanks for your patience!

I just heard back from the team and they confirmed that this is currently the expected behaviour.

The thing is that a link on a duplicated board will remain internal if the link was originally created via the Link to option:

On the other hand, if the link was created as a hyperlink on text (which is the case for Notes), on the duplicated board it will become an external link, redirecting to the original board:

I do agree with you that having all internal links updated to match the objects on the new board would be a great addition to our product! I'd suggest you add this idea to the Wish List in the Community for more visibility 😄

I've also shared this with the team to see how we can add this info to our Help Centre articles since it's currently not mentioned, as Robert noticed. Thanks a lot for reporting it!