What type of visualization is best to create in miro?

  • 30 July 2021
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Hi, I built a visualization about "Top 5 countries with positive and negative change in road traffic death (rate per 100,000) between 2000 & 2019 based on data from WHO.




I am polishing my skills by creating simple and advance visualizations like this one in short time and without any programming skill using visualization tool.

My question is there a way to create like this or more advance visualization in miro.



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4 replies

I did not get answer on same question, Sorry for posting again.

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@Charles Friedo 

My question is there a way to create like this

My gut says no. The lines in your visualization made me thing of the mind map feature, but this is the closest I could get:


or more advance visualization in Miro.

Not likely. In my opinion, Miro is not trying to be a complex visualization tool and focuses more on real-time collaboration. If someone can re-create that visualization using native Miro objects, I will buy them a coffee (just one person, and a regular coffee - not one of those fancy $7 coffees :wink:)

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@Charles Friedo how interesting! What a fascinating use case. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the reason for creating this visualization - is it part of a larger project? We’d be interested in learning about it! 

As far as a more advanced visualization, I’m thinking of two things - First, I’m thinking of ways you could do something similar or slightly different, such as the mind mapping tool that @Robert Johnson mentioned and also using stickies and connecting lines in clever ways. Here’s a very basic example of how stickies can connect to each other:



Second, I’m thinking of the many beautiful things that are possible with Miro! Many of which you can see in our Miroverse templates gallery here. I recommend checking out those templates for ideas. :relaxed:​ @Helena Brandist may have a suggestion for a particular template that you might like.


I’m also going to loop in @Marina, a Miro expert who might be able to offer additional creative ideas. 

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Hi @Charles Friedo thank you for sharing your project! It is super interesting, and I don't think we have something similar on Miroverse just yet. As @Alexis Luscutoff has already mentioned, I would also suggest having a look at our template library on Miroverse, there are a lot of interesting templates and topics that you may find interesting for your project (topics around sustainable development, for example)!