What is a Mirohero (Guest)

  • 13 October 2021
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Today while editing a board with a coworker we noticed someone in the board called ‘Mirohero (Guest)’.  the board was in a restricted project with limited access - does anyone know what or who this might be?

2 replies

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@Jonathan Nelson -

Normally if a board is shared for anonymous guest editor access and someone accesses it without first logging in to the Miro they would show up as ‘Guest Architect’, ‘Guest Designer’ or so on. I haven’t run into the ‘Mirohero’ handle yet… Check the board sharing settings to confirm whether or not it has been shared to the public…


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For anyone who isn’t familiar with “guest” or “public” sharing, this refers to anyone who is not a member of the team in which the board resides - this can even be someone without a Miro account at (aka, “anonymous guest”).

I often feel the need to point this out as the section in a board’s Share settings where you configure this is not titled and does not use the words “guest” or “anonymous” or “public”.

You can access the guest/public options in a board’s Share settings:


More on the subject in the Collaboration with anonymous Guest editors Help Center article: