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  • 6 July 2021
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We had a client using Miro for a brainstorming activity.  The project is now finished and she continues to receive updates and emails from Miro, despite having clicked the ‘unsubscribe’ link multiple times. (They are Miro promotional emails, we have removed her from all of our boards). 

She is becoming very frustrated and would like to delete her account to stop receiving messages from Miro, but cannot figure out how.  Any advice? 

3 replies

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Darn, she is still receiving messages even after deleting her profile!  :tired_face:


This is getting crazy, I will reach out to Miro Support for assistance!

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Thank you kindly for your reply, I will pass on the information for deleting her profile!

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@tuck0066 - A few things your client could do:

#1 - Disable all notifications for her profile

From her Miro dashboard, anyone can click on their avatar at the top-right corner and then Settings:

Select Notifications and then scroll to the bottom and use the Unsubscribe from all option:


#2 - Deleting a Miro profile

From the same Settings area, click on Profile details, scroll down, and there should be a Delete my profile option:


#3 - Report these emails to Miro support

Perhaps Miro support can advise why these emails are still coming through and stop them.

How to Contact Miro Support