Team Subscriptions - Seats vs. Guests

  • 23 July 2021
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Hi Everyone.

I recently set up a team Miro account as a temporary collaboration tool for my team (while we select our longer term organisational tool). As I am paying for this personally I was surprised to find that everyone who’d participated in my teams facilitated workshops has been made a team member (increasing the monthly bill by over £160). I had expected to be able to allow users into boards as visitors rather than having to pay for every person who participates in any session, as this will quickly become unaffordable for an individual. 

Have I missed a trick or is this tool inappropriate for my needs (and bank balance)?

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@Transformation Office - This sounds like an education/training issue - but you have come to the right place.


These are any board participants who are not member of your team. To share a link to a board for a guest to access, you would use the “Anyone with the link” feature - you can read more about this in the Collaboration with Anonymous Guest Editors Help Center article.


Controlling who & who addition full license/paid members can be added to the team

In your Team profile settings → Permissions, you should review the following settings - note: these are only my personal suggestions:


With the Enable team invite link setting enabled, a Copy invite link option would appear in a board’s Share settings:

This is bad for you as anyone using that link would also be invited to the team, therefore consuming any available paid seats/licenses.


Here’s a few more links to check out: