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  • 28 June 2021
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I have a team and members in that team. I would want to create boards and need to control who can see and edit which board.

Example I want user A,B to see and edit Board X and users B,C,E to see and edit Board Y and so on. How can I achieve this? 



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@Masood Sarkar - You can set boards “Team access” to “No access” - this is essentially making a board “Private”. However, note that if a board’s “Anyone with the link”, i.e., Public, access is set to anything other than “No access”, then team members could still view it.

Once a board’s Share access is set to “No access” for everyone (other than the board owner, of course) you have two options for controlling who can access the board and what level access they will have:

  1. You can add them directly to the board via the board’s Share settings:
  2. Projects - Think of Projects as folders, but also as “mini teams”. You could create a project for any boards that you only want users A and B to be able to access. And then you could create another project that only users B, C, and E can access. So, rather than manually adding users to board, you add users to the projects and add the board to the those projects. Now when a user change is required, you just add/remove users at the project level once rather than on multiple boards.

Default Board and Project Permissions

Another change I like to suggest is that admin’s modify the team permissions to make all new boards and projects being created be set to “no access”, so only the person creating them can see them - this is referred to as “private” boards/projects.

Here is a post where I summarized all of the above - happy reading!

NOTE: The below post was related to the Education Plan, but the information is most like the Team Plan, and should also be quite similar for the rest of the plans.

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Thanks Rob for the solution. My problem is that shared link cab be further shared with other users and they can access as well. Right? Am I missing something?

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@Masood Sarkar - Only team members can view the board, unless you have set the board’s public access, i.e., Anyone with the  to anything other than “No access”. If you have enabled public access, then anyone, even team members, can access the board as public access access overrides team access - this assumes you have not password protected the board or the link recipient knows the password.