[RESOLVED] Voting Sidebar Missing?

  • 22 September 2021
  • 4 replies

When running a voting session, it seemed that everyone was missing the voting sidebar that typically shows up. Some users also clicked the “+” and wasn’t seeing votes being counted. In the past and in the docs it shows there should be a sidebar to see and edit your votes, view the time, etc. Is there a known bug or a setting that hides this for everything? Not sure what’s going on but something isn’t working on this board. 



4 replies

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Hi @Prkl8r,

Thanks for sharing! We’ve converted your post into a ticket because this particular case requires further investigation. Rest assured soon you will be approached by Customer Support Team!

I can confirm, that the voting feature seems to be completely broken.

It is possible to start a voting session, but everyone who votes looses their miro controls and the votes are not counted.

It is also not possible to abort the voting timer.

Miro support has confirmed that this is an issue they are working on getting resolved.

As a workaround, I quickly created some circles and we did dot voting. A bit more manual but moved us along.  

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Thanks a lot for bearing with us!

Our developers have fixed the issue, and the app is now back up and running for all users. Please check if you can open it smoothly now and let us know if anything goes wrong, we’ll be sure to keep the investigation going.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused!