[RESOLVED] Text alignment bug

  • 29 April 2021
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My text layers shift around when I close and reopen a board.  I am very OCD so I keep having to fix their placement!

I will put the text here:


And then it will shift to being here:

I am 100% confident that no one is accidentally moving it around.  

7 replies

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@Lauree Schloss -

As a test, can you lock the text box and see if it still “moves”?


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@Kiron Bondale , @Lauree Schloss  - There are definitely some text issues since the April 12 updates announced in the changelog.

For example, the text here was centered when I left the board last, but is now right-aligned:

When I double-click, the text jumps back to centre:


And when I close the board and come back some time later, e.g., the next day, all of the text is back to the right.

If someone does report this to support, please include a link to this post, so they have my example too.

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@Lauree Schloss - I have submitted this issue to the Miro support team and will update this thread with their replies.

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Miro support has responded that they are investigating the issue.

@Lauree Schloss - Are you using the Miro desktop app when this is happening? I am, and when I switch to Chrome I don’t get the same behaviour.

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@Lauree Schloss I had the same thing happen and thought it was just me since I am new in Miro. I also am extremely OCD and this is a bit of a nuisance to say the least. Hopefully they can get this resolved soon! ~Brian


@Robert Johnson I saw this happening in the desktop app, for what it’s worth. I had a lot of issues with the desktop app it kept disconnecting and reconnecting even though my wifi connection is strong and stable. I ended up just deleting the desktop app myself.

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@Brian Royce - It’s worth noting there is the Microsoft Store version of the desktop app and the one downloaded from Miro’s apps page. There are restrictions in the MS Store version (outlined here). Personally, I have had no connection issues with the version from Miro’s site and tend to use it more over a browser, so I don’t have to worry about having too many other sites/tabs open when using Miro. However, if you are using macOS, then all of that is irrelevant :wink:

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That is really great solutions. Thanks!