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  • 28 July 2021
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I see between 20 and 30 students each week. On the AWW app, I had a board for each student and each student had a log-in to AWW. (They did not have to pay to be members.) Once I added them to a board, they had access to that board. 


I don’t see how to create this on Miro for free. If I become a Consultant, will I be able to invite each student once. I don’t want to have to send a new invite at the time of every session. I would also hope that they can log in at any time, not just when we are working, to review our work. 


SECOND QUESTION - do the up graded boards have pages or are they infinite planes? I liked the pages because the students could easily find me on the boards.


Please advise...and if any of you tutor AP  Physics C - I would like to hire you! 


THank you!

2 replies

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@Jean Marie Stein -

  1. Once you are on a paid plan, full edit access does incur a per user cost regardless of how few or how many boards they access. The alternative is to use the Anonymous Guest Editor access ( If your students create a free Miro user account before they access the board, you’d know who they are (i.e. they won’t show up with a “Guest Editor”, “Guest Designer”, etc. nickname).
  2. Assuming it is only one board per student, you’d send them the URL for the board in your initial e-mail to them and that URL would never change.
  3. Boards are infinite canvases - regardless of whether you are on a free or paid plan. However, Miro provides Attention Management to make it easy for students to see where you are (


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@Jean Marie Stein - Further to #2, if your student already has a Miro account and I signed in when they open the board you shared with them, they can “Star” it as a means of getting back to it easily from within their Miro dashboard, e.g., rather than finding the link in an email.

  1. Star it:


  1. Go to the Starred boards page to get back to the board: