Play an embedded Youtube video for guests in the board

  • 1 September 2021
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Hi all : )


I’ve come across the issue that Miro does not let the presenter play a video which can be seen by all attendees of the board. 


I’ve seen some posts on this bug but from a few months ago and am wondering if any fix had been found to this glitch?


I would be super grateful if someone could shed some light on this :) I’ve meeting tomorrow and might need to switch to Teams if this cannot be done directly on Miro :(

Thank you all and have a great start into September!


1 reply

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@Nadia Khawaja - This is not a bug. Embedded videos do not play for everyone.

As per the Embedding Media to Boards FAQs:


If you need to play a video for everyone, you will need to do this using a 3rd-party video sharing app, e.g., Zoom or MS Teams.