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  • 23 July 2021
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I am creating templates that use frames.

The frames are in the correct order (in the frames sidebar) when i save the template.

When i use the template on a blank board the frames in the sidebar are in a different order.

If i edit the template - the frames view doesn’t appear for me to re-order.


I have found that if I import the template re-order the frames to be correct again and copy all - then edit the template delete all and paste the re-ordered frames back in. Sometimes (but not always) they will eventually be imported in the correct order but it seems to be random everytime.


If they finally work… I dont touch them!

But it’s incredibly frustrating.

5 replies

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UPDATE - semi-solution


I have the original board that i created the template on.

I found if i close that board and re-open (I’m using the app on mac FYI)

The frames show in the wrong order too. If I re-order, close the board and open the board again - they now show in the correct order.

If I then save that selection as a NEW template (doesn’t work if i edit the old one) - the the order is correct.


Seems like maybe there is some cacheing issue?!


Anyway - this solution now works consistently 


My request would be to have frame-rdering in the ‘Edit template’ view and then you could just solve that way!

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Thanks for the workaround! It’s a bummer indeed, not straightforward.

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@Tim Ackroyd / @Ambroise - This behaviour sounds similar to another post where links to other objects in templates are not correct when a template is first restored, but are corrected upon a board refresh - some sort of syncing bug and not a pleasant user experience

I have a support ticket open already for the internal-links bug and will share a link to this post re this frames-order bug.

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Found another variant of this bug.

I create a template with a very large number of frames (138)

If I import it to a blank board - the frames come in in the correct order.

If I import it into a board that already has other frames in, the frames are out of order :(

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Hi @Tim Ackroyd,

I wanted to quickly follow up here as well. The team was able to replicate the issue and fix the frames-order bug, so it should be resolved for you now. Please let me know if you’re still noticing any strange behaviour with frames re-ordering.

Thanks @Robert Johnson for reporting the bug to the team. :)