Miro Academy is too complicated

  • 1 July 2021
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  1. Fantastic that Miro community exists
  2. It’s too complicated.


I use Miro once or several times a week for workshops with often 10 - 40 participants. Mostly academics and professionals that are 40+ years of age.


One of the first hurdles is to get them to understand how to move around the map. I have been searching (and did my own tutorial videos) because there are some key concepts that simply does not exist in their mind.


Here are some insights:

  • Any tutorial that is not straight to the point within 5 seconds, they lose interest and become frustrated.
  • They do not have the spatial concept of zooming in and out. Instructions needs to be super specific.
    • Scroll wheel
      • With or without ctrl/cmnd
    • Pinch zoom
  • Clicking
    • Cursor
      • Space
      • V
      • Toolbar
    • Resizing
  • Copy-paste
  • Hiding participant cursors

All explained within 2 minutes. 1 minute introductions will just make them confused. Trust me, by now I have introduced hundres of people to Miro and it’s like talking to digital cavemen. 

And quickly available on youtube.

I think your ambition is great but you need to dumb it down two notches. 

1 reply

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Hi Johannes,

Thanks for your feedback. Would love your thoughts on this video from Miro Academy. It covers a lot of what you’re looking for. We’ve also recently put together a short course on Miro Academy that onboards all participants to Miro specifically for workshops in 5 mins or less. Take a look: https://academy.miro.com/courses/participant-onboarding