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  • 1 September 2021
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I have a copy of my course roster in a Miro board. It is a PDF. I’d like to be able to edit that doc with pen etc., and immediately have that markup locked to the board. I’m assuming that I have to using the grouping feature,  and perhaps locking? I’d love to be able to make those edits quickly (e.g., in front of the class) without having to remember to lock them all in place. I learned this the hard way. I made careful notes on the first day, and forgot to lock them down. I later resized/moved the PDF, and as a result I now have pen marks that do not match up with document. Had I noticed immediately, I could have just used Ctrl-Z, but I didn’t… I’m hopeful there’s a simple feature that lets one mark up and make the edits essentially burn into the PDF, so no amount of resizing/moving leaves the edits stranded. 

2 replies

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@Mark Vincent -

Unfortunately not. Grouping is really your only option. On top of that, if it is a multi-page PDF, you’ll need to extract the pages from it otherwise the edits you’ve made will show up for each page as opposed to just the one they apply to.


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Thanks for the reply. O.k., I’ll have to submit a wish list item for that. At the moment, I have decided to put the PDFs in my board as Google Docs. To edit, I have to open the PDF in Google Drive, and use something like DocHub, which lets me save the edits to Drive. To have the changes appear in Miro, I then refresh the document. That’s… pretty clunky. But it is also “safe.”