Login to the Windows app with DIFFERENT Office credentials

  • 9 June 2021
  • 2 replies


Hi folks,

I’d like to change the Office365 credentials using to enter the Miro app. If I click on the Office Icon I an not asked which office profile / account I like to use. It uses always the same account. As I am part of two teams/companies with two accounts in Miro  - and must change the access. 



2 replies

Hi @Klaus Lammersiek,

I’m afraid, the Support team needs more details to investigate this case. I’ve converted this post into a support ticket. The team will get back to you via email.

Any progress on this support ticket? I’ve got the same case. When you log in with Office account, log out and then try to log in again it does not ask you for e-mail, just logs you in with the previously used account so it’s impossible to switch between office accounts. Removing miro app does not help.