Lines that take you to destination

  • 9 December 2020
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Is there a way to make lines clickable so they take you to their connecting site? Trying to track the through line while zooming in and out is difficult.

4 replies

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@Echo - There is the Link to option when you select a connection line on its own, but when it is connected to at least one object, the Link to option is missing. However, there is a workaround → use the Ctrl/Cmd + K shortcut:


I can see how this behaviour could be by design, but it could also be a bug. I will report this to Miro support for a definitive answer.

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Ticket submitted. I will report back here.

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@Echo¬†- This ticket was still open with no updates. I presume the lack of ‚ÄúLink to‚ÄĚ is intentional as linking to a connection line that is connected to one or more objects may be ambiguous as to what the user should be looking at once they follow the link.

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I was about to create the same idea, while @Robert Johnson¬†makes a good point in that the ‚Äúlink to‚ÄĚ feature does the same thing, it is limited to one connection per item.

However, if you had a sticky with has multiple connection lines, and lets say you had 2x connected items nearby but 2x connected items were on far off locations on the board, it would be handy to be able to click a select line and get transported along it like a little train or zip-line type effect that brings you to the connected item :-)

Improvements on this feature later on would perhaps be to have ability to adjust the speed at which you get transported from one side of the connection line to the other. It would look cool if the trigger was a arrow along the line, near the connected item, on other side, pointed toward the other direction.