In and Out - a way to see who's in the office and who's working from home

  • 10 September 2021
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Jargon is half the battle - the other half is poor search engines! 

I am looking for a way to use our Miro Board to let my group of users easily see Who’s working in the office and who’s not. Communicating this information is problematic and IN and Out boards are an easy way to do it! With the Pandemic, it’s very helpful to know who might be in the office as they can be eyes and ears, hands and feet to take care of something physical. So…

My suggestion is an a column of in out dots on the board that have the optional capability to self clear at a set time each day. All a user needs to do is move their name to the “In” column one a day if they are in the office, on campus etc. 

If this is called something else, please let me know - A search for “in” and “Out” leads to many hits and no useful information and maybe I’m using the wrong jargon and it’s called something else!



2 replies

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@Jeff Yeary -

Something like this would need to be developed using the Miro API. I’m sure @Max Harper would be able to whip up something like this really easily :wink:

You can, of course, do it manually now using a table object (rows for each team member) and emojis for the in/out column entries. The only manual step would be clearing the contents of the table at the end of each day.


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@Jeff Yeary

my first thought is: 

  • make a long grid
  • columns being days extending to the right 
  • rows are workers 

- if a person is OUT they do nothing to the board 

- if they are IN, they move their sticky to the day column matching today’s date


this could additionally allow prescheduling (granted, that could become inaccurate as plans change).