if owner of board lose access to the board will others lose access to edit the board?

  • 17 August 2021
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Hello dear community,

In our organization we use Miro and we have a paid account.

one of my colleagues own one board and suddenly I was not able to edit the board and just comment on the board.

he claims that his access was expired and that is the reason I do not have access to edit the board.


is this really true then in Miro for enterprises if someone own the board and leave the company and his/ her account will be deleted . No one else can edit that board?







2 replies

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@saramaenterprise - I am 99.9% sure (and have never heard of this happening) that Miro would change a board’s Team Share settings to “Can comment”.

When a member is deleted from a team, the person in your organization who as the Team (or Company) Admin role for your Miro plan would have the option to reassign the deleted user’s boards and templates to another user, e.g.:


I would suggest either reaching out to other Miro users in your organization to see if someone can better explain what is going on or opening a Miro support ticket:

guide → Get help → Support


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Thank you so much for your explanation and sharing information. And as you suggest I will forllow up with our admin and support team at Miro.

Thanks a lot.