Identify the worst objects for speed?

  • 13 September 2021
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I’m working on a shared board (Just within our team) that is Extremely slow. I can barely work on it at all. I found out that it was much more responsive in firefox. I had tried Edge, Chrome, and Safari (on a different machine, but that one is old with poor specs). 

It’s especially bad if I pan up to a certain section. I didn’t make 90% of it. But I wondered if there was a way to identify what is causing the biggest slow downs. And I just realized that I can no longer right click On objects. I closed and reopened and it was fine. But I created a quick test sticky note and that is no longer there either. 

So it seems once it starts hanging, I have to close it and exit. It was only at about 3.5GB memory though, and I have 16 with nothing else running except teams and outlook. 


It definitely just seems like there are a few items that are causing the board to be really slow, but there’s not a good way for me to know. Right click > Info on something just tells you who it was created by, when, and when it was last modified. It doesn’t tell you something like how big it is. Maybe someone uploaded something just Huge, or complex near the top and it worked fine when there were only a few items on the board, but now just kills my system? I don’t know. I haven’t really liked miro that much because it always seems like once you get quite a few people on it, it ends up being a dumping ground for ideas and then you can’t use the board once there are too many objects. And odd things slow it down? Someone told me there is a character limit? But it doesn’t apply to sticky notes or comments? But also comments make the board slow? No idea, just seems like a bad experience to me, but I always come in after the boards are pretty large.

2 replies

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@Andy Engelkemier -

This Help Center article does provide some guidance for improving board performance (, but to narrow down the specific cause of a slow down a brute force binary search technique where you duplicate the board, delete half the content and see if it is significantly faster at loading and do that progressively till you can narrow down the culprit.

Just out of interest, when you backup the board to a local RTB file, how large is the resulting file?


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Yeah, I saw that performance article. That helps ME know what not to do, but I’m working in a team and the board is already created. I’m not the owner so can not create a backup. So best I can do is a high quality PDF. That is 158MB. But it doesn’t get everything because it crops things that are off the items defined as pages.

Well, that’s ok. Maybe after this project is over I can duplicate the board and just start deleting potential culprits until it responds better. Right now, if I pan up to the top at all it is completely unresponsive. Maybe it would be ok after a while? Or maybe it is just stuck, and I would need someone else to delete that item. Who knows. 


It would be nice to be able to get a bit more information though. Maybe a troubleshooting mode or something that would show the board as a heatmap for loading speed? Or maybe show filesize for each item so you could see if there are outliers? Or if PDFs are slower than other things, Show me those in that mode so I can more easily identify them and add a note for the person that added it to add an image that represents it, and a link to the PDF on onedrive/other instead. But for now, I don’t see any tools like that. So if something is causing a slow down, you just have no idea without systematically removing things until it starts working better.