I did not receive service for payment

  • 23 August 2021
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Hello Dear Authorized, I can't contact your customer support team as I'm on the "free" plan so I had to write here, not in a public place thinking you'd fix the problem. On August 20, 2021, I purchased your "team" plan for $20. But my account still shows "free". I have sent an e-mail before to solve the problem, but I did not get a response from you. Although I have paid, I cannot benefit from the service and this is a serious grievance. I found the service quite confused and could not use it, I want it canceled. I request a refund of $20 to my bank account.

5 replies

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Hi @Optimist Hub,


To protect your privacy, we recommend not to share any personal information such as email addresses on the Community. I have therefore removed this information from your post.

I will convert your request into a support ticket so that we can discuss information regarding your account(s) via email.



Hello Dear Authorized, can you fix the problem? On August 30, 2021, I purchased your "team" plan for $20. But my account still shows "free". Irina. 

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@Irina Dremucheva - There are at least two ways to end up with a Team Plan team:

  1. Create a new team using the Add teams action
  2. Upgrade a Free Plan team:


Which path did you take?

How many teams are showing in your Miro account dashboard?

For example, this Miro account profile is only a member of one team - they upgraded from the Free to Team Plan:


While this profile is a member of ten teams:



@Robert Johnson Thanks for your reply. I upgrated my free plan to team plan, payed 20 $, one team of two members is left in my profile. I still can’t do high resolution export. What should I do? 


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Hello @Irina Dremucheva,


The Upgrade button on your screenshot indicates that this team is still on the free plan (on a paid plan, this button would be replaced by the Invite members option).

I can see that you are already in touch with our Support team about this problem: rest assured they will get back to you as soon as possible and solve it for you.

Thank you for your understanding!