I can't upgrade my plan

  • 19 September 2021
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Hi Guys,


I “urgently” want to upgrade my free account to the consultant plan. 

So, I click on upgrade, choose the consultant plan, enter my credit card info (automatically detects the correct country), but when I click on “purchase” I get:

“Sorry, your payment transaction has failed”

When I click again, I get: “Customer create failed”


I have tried from different devices, to check if this is somehow device/browser related, and I also purchased another software just to check if this has something to do with my credit card….

any Idea on this?


Thanks so much!

1 reply

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@Opa360x - I have converted your post to a Miro support ticket.

In the future, you can find the Miro support form link by

  1. Going to https://help.miro.com
  2. Searching for “how to contact miro support
  3. Clicking on Contact "Miro Support":


And once you have a paid subscription, you can access the support form directly from your Miro dashboard or from with a Miro board:

guide → Get help → Support