How to use Calendar Template in Miro? If there isn't any....

  • 8 October 2021
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After giving up looking for a Calendar in Miro, our team had to make one as you can see in the picture below.
What’s wrong with this picture? The most ancient time tracking tool is nowhere to be found in Miro. Also , nowhere to be found DARK MODE IN MIRO. How about the ability to change the canvas texture? Nothing... Why?...


3 replies

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Great callout on dark/night mode. Calendar wise I did highlight elsewhere the preference of having a calendar plugin or function that would allow you to auto create a calendar based on type, format (q/m/yr). 

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@Advanced Financial Tech - You can upvote this Dark/Night Mode Wish List post:

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@Advanced Financial Tech :

For work with calendar I recommend using trello - this is more flexible than miro is ever when it comes to planning and working with calendars.

The following video only shows ONE option of many many other options trello offers you:


Have fun with it!