How to insert partial table of excel table ?

  • 5 November 2021
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Hello Community

It’s quite simple to upload an excel table into MIRO

However I was wondering if it is possible to show only part of the table into MIRO ?

I mean : just want to show for instance A1:E20 whereas the document has data’s in A1:Z50

Any thougths about that ?

Thanks in advance for your support !



2 replies

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Hi Vincent!

Yes, it is possible to display only a part of your table on your Miro board and it’s as easy as 1,2,3 - just like uploading the whole sheet! :sparkles:

Copy the desired cells in your Microsoft Excel document, select a cell in your Miro table, and press Ctrl + V (for Windows) or Cmd + V (for Mac). The content from the spreadsheet will be copied to the table!

If you want to ready more about editing tables on your Miro board, you might find this article interesting :relaxed:

Happy whiteboarding!:crayon:

Hello Eva,

Thanks for your feed back. It’s very easy now :muscle:  !!

I would like it to be linked to my excel sheet. I mean : since I update my excel sheet, I would like to see the update also in MIRO… is that possible ?

Thanks in advance !