How to create an auto "New card" features like in the "Action Plan" Template?

  • 18 June 2021
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While creating an OKR Planning Session with my Team I discovered an amazing feature to creata a Set of Card just by pushing a Plus-Button within the Cell (see Template Kanban Framework, Action Plan, Weekly Agenda e.g). Auto Resize and perfectly aligned. At all a great feature also for non experienced User - so far great.

But for our work i need a topic for each row in the first column. Which seem impossible to me using the predefined Template. Any idea/help? Here is a Screenshot of what i’m trying to do:



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7 replies

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@Robert Johnson, thats probably the best solution so far (which i already used). But still shapes won’t follow the dynamic content of the Kanban framework. As you emerge, shapes must be manually adjusted:

But great idea to bring it upon the wishlist. I think there are many different uses for such a feature.

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@Uwe Seifer 

I think there are many different uses for such a feature.

Agreed. Let me know if you add it and you’ll have my vote!

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@Robert Johnson and all others with this problem (...wish). Here ist the Idea ready for voting:
Dynamic (re)sizing of Shapes attached to the "Kanban Template"

Thx 4 your support :pray_tone1:

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@Uwe Seifer - A few quick ways to create new Cards are:

  • Hotkey - Use the D hotkey - this will put you in “new Card” mode. You can press D, click where you want the card, and then start typing.
  • Double-click to create last object - Once you have created a new card, double-clicking on a blank spot on the board is the action to create another of the last object you just created.
  • Duplicate existing Card (or any object) - Our team puts a number of Cards on the board that we have set up as “template” - e.g., a predefined colour and title for the cards. Then you can use the Alt + click-and-drag on the card to create a duplicate. Or you can select it and using Ctrl/Cmd+D.

Miro Developer Platform
If you or someone you know has a development background, you could explore creating your own custom web-plugin using the Miro Developer Platform’s SDK to create customized Cards on the go.

You would probably want someone with a development background to review the developer platform documentation.

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@Uwe Seifer :

The features you are searching for are impelmented in Trello - a more options and a better Kanban-Tool than miro is at this moment:

I say it with a bitterness in my voice :disappointed_relieved: but maybe miro will boost up it’s Kanban-Features and then you can use it.
But if you like to see more features :chart_with_upwards_trend::boom: I recommend Trello. :thumbsup:



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Good Ideas, but they wound’t solve the problem. Seems like the wanted feature ist made with the developement tool (SDK). Unless I don’t want to dig deeper into programming or someone designs the wanted feature, i have to wait :thinking: . Thanx to all supporters, but sorry: no ‘best answer” to this problem.

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@Uwe Seifer - You could just use the Kanban framework object and add shapes to it, which is what our team does as we prefer the higher-contrast row/column headers.



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