How to add a shape around a mindmap node?

  • 19 October 2020
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How can I add a shape around a mindmap node that is currently just text?

I thought object transformation might be the solution, but I don't see an object transformation option when selecting a node.  Instead I see the node-color selection.


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3 replies

Hi @Rob Bednark,

Just to clarify - do you mean you want to have a frame around child notes? 

In Miro, only the parent node has this frame/shape by design:



I understand what he is requesting and I second that.  The root node in the above diagram is an oval.  We want the ability to apply shapes to the child node as well. Hope this helps to clarify this feature request


 I found some similar tools, and none of them seem to be able to do this.

use Whimsical to make Decision-tree today.

But it’s a flowchart template, so I gave up.

cause I need to typeset manually. It's hell !!!

experiencing miro's decision-tree now, I feel not bad, except that the child nodes cannot be style more.