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I don't understand why the history Voting disappears in the pop-up bar on the left ?
How make it appear again ? 

Does anyone had this issue in the past ?

Thank you !


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Hi @Imynico ,

I recommend to contact support@miro.com 

Maybe they can help you.


Did anyone get this issue resolved? The same thing just happened to me.

I experienced this issue today. Voting session completed. Results appeared, then disappeared from the voting panel for all participants.

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Hi @Imynico 

if you click the Voting Button on the buttom navigation you can find your voting as history:



Hi mlanders !
The problem is that my history is empty ! All my voting sessions are gone !
Is it a bug ?


I had the same problem.  The voting history was there in the morning and gone in the afternoon.

My voting results eventually came back a few days later.  I have no idea why.

I have the exact same problem. 

It really makes this board un-usable.