Google Slides preview always shows 1st slide

  • 31 July 2021
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I’ve pasted a Google slides link for a specific slide within a presentation
Miro inserts this as a preview, which is great!

However, the preview is of the first slide, rather than the specific slide I pasted.
Manually navigating slides within the miro preview is reverted on reload, so this is also not an option.

How can I set the Slides preview to display a specific slide, rather than beginning from the first slide?




2 replies

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@Lehe Kaizer - Due to a current bug with the Google Drive app, I cannot test this myself.

When you select the embedded Google Slide, do you get a context bar that lets you cycle through the slides and pin one?

Here is an example of this with a Google Sheet:


If you do get that context menu, browse to your preferred start slide, and pin it, and then close an re-open the board, are you seeing your pinned slide?

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Hi Robert Johnson,

thank you for your reply.  


I've successfully managed to pin the page but I can't access the link inside the slide’s pages,

is there a way to solve it?