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  • 26 July 2021
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Hey Guys,

So I have copy and pasted some keywords from my research tools into Miro. Shows in Miro like this;



volume 6500

seo difficulty 43

paid difficulty 45


keyword 2 




Now my question. Can I format that into a table or at least the data for each keyword horizontal instead of in a block? 

Would like to avoid copy and pasting the data for every single one.


2 replies

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@Sven Digital Marketing - I am not aware of any way to convert the data from the state you have shown in your screenshot into a table.

You could try creating a Miro Table and pasting into that. And if that doesn’t work, you may need to paste into another spreadsheet tool and then copy from there and paste into a Miro table.

You may also want to consider embedding a Google Drive or OneDrive document into the board, if you were going to end up with tabular data that you’d like to use formulas on.

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@Sven Digital Marketing 

What I try to do in your situation is, find an efficient way to get the structured data it into cells in Excel or Google Sheets and then block select the whole table of cells in that software, copy, go to Miro board, paste. 




→  Presumably your SEO analytics tool could just export a nicely delineated CSV and you should be good to go after Copy/Pasta into Miro.