Feeling ripped off by Miro billing plans

  • 17 September 2021
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I was on the Premium (Personal) plan for years and eventually changed to the consultant plan because Miro is actively starving those plans out by reducing the functionality of them to the point they become unusable, essentially forcing people to change to a more expensive plan.

I’ve paid annually to take advantage of the discount, the same way most SaaS providers model their pricing.

This month I had a need for someone to have a full feature set on one of my boards, so I made them an occasional user so they could use day passes. Even through they have their own account.

The only reason I did that is I have no other option, other than buying them an annual license, even if they have their own paid Miro account.


Miro is a great product, but understand that if your customers feel like you take every opportunity to rip them off then they will leave you when competition turns up i.e. it costs you in loyalty

  1. If we both have paid Miro accounts then I should not need to pay for another subscription, you are asking us to pay 3 subscriptions for 2 people to edit 1 board. https://bit.ly/2Xy6Fcz
  2. I should be able to buy a monthly subscription for a member even through I am already on an annual subcription for the admin account.
  3. $3 day passes are fine, but they should not exceed the monthly subscription cost. So far I’ve paid for 11 day passes in a month for one person to use 1 board, because the only alternative is to buy them an annual subscription.

I hope you remedy this, we should love the company and the product. And frankly that is not the case for me.




P.S> I see no other way to raise this as your community categories do not support this type of query.

1 reply

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Hi @MikeC,
Thanks for sharing! We’ve converted your post into a ticket because this particular case requires further investigation. Rest assured soon you will be approached by Customer Support Department!