Could I import from PowerPoint to Miro?

  • 2 October 2020
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I enjoy Miro but have lots of materials as PowerPoint slides. Is there a way to import from PowerPoint slides into Miro instead of creating them from the scrap in Miro? Thanks


Best answer by Robert Johnson 2 October 2020, 23:08

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@Eri - There are a couple of options that I just discovered (I am doing this from Microsoft 365 PowerPoint v2008 on Windows 10 using ):

  1. Copy the contents of a slide to your clipboard and then paste (Ctrl + V) into a Miro board creates a .png image file of the slid:
  2. And when I upload the .pptx file to the board using the upload icon on the content creation toolbar or by dragging-and-dropping onto the board, Miro actually gives  you next/previous buttons in the context toolbar:


If either of those options don’t work for you, maybe you could just take screenshots of the slides or save the PowerPoint file as a PDF and import that.

You can even split the PowerPower (or PDF) documents into multiple documents from right in the board - see the Work Smarter, not Harder → Split multiple docs help ariticle.

@Robert Johnson , super helpful, thank you. Both works. After importing the PowerPoint file into Miro, I can not use Presentation mode in this the case?

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As far as I know, no you cannot use Miro's Presentation Mode, but I'm no longer at home, so I couldn't actually try to confirm. I would say that your best workaround would be to go full screen in Miro and then use the buttons presented when you select your uploaded .PPTX. Who knows, maybe even the arrow keys will work on your keyboard. Or split the PowerPoint out in Miro and put each slide into a frame. 

@Robert Johnson , thank you!

I have another idea, which may be suitable, if you need the text on your slide:

  1. Save your Slide as an image
  1. Import your image using » Apps » Sticky Capture.


Ok, super nice to import a ppt and to be able to use the next slide button. BUT, my friends dont see when I change slide, they have to click themself???? 

@odd tullberg - Hi. I had this question when I first started too. Ill try and outline step by step what i do.


  1. make sure the presentation is saved somewhere I can find easily
  2. Drag and drop the ppt file into the miro board
  3. Extract the whole presentation using the ‘extract option’ (looks like 3 papers piled on top of eachother). Depending on the size it may take a while. 
  4. This will create an image for the front page and then all your slides underneath.
  5. Select every single image which you want to act as a slide (hold shift and drag the selection box around the images)
  6. Right click and press add frames button. This will turn each image into a frame.
  7. At the bottom navigation press the play button and the presentation will go in frame order.
  8. Make sure your frames are set right in the navigation bar and you can present straight from Miro.

NB - You loose animations and transitions but its a small price to pay to make your presentation interactive.


Hopefully this helps and let me know if any of the steps are unclear.


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@Mark Famy / @odd tullberg - One note about Mark’s instructions. Something may have changed as selecting all extracted slides and then using Create frame no longer creates a frame around each image/slide, instead it puts on frame around all (the same thing happens if you Ctrl+click each frame individually):


@Robert Johnson - ah yes. If thats the case then you have to select each one individually and then create a frame for each one… which is a bit of a pain but it will work.