Company has Subscription but some team members are not on the plan.

  • 8 October 2021
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My team has a subscription to miro and some of us have full access while others do not. I am wondering how to get full access to the rest of my team. 

They are on the boards and can use them with their free plan but are unable to use miro with full access because it says that they have the free plan. 

3 replies

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@Amber Swinehart - What Miro plan subscription do you have (Team, Business, Consultant, Enterprise?) - more on plans here.

Do these other team members see the paid team in their Miro dashboard, but perhaps are not switching over to/selecting it? And now that I ask this, it is unlikely as if they are on the board, they should have the “Editor” role and not “Guest editor” role - but l will ask anyway :)


It looks like they do not. I am not an admin on our board, would an admin need to add them too that board to get the sub. access? 

I believe that we have the Enterprise plan. 


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@Amber Swinehart - The is no “admin” role for a Miro board - the role with the most access on a board is the “Board owner”. One way to find the owner of a board is to open the board and then click on the board title:


However, this person may or may not be able to add new team members.

The Enterprise Plan does come with paid support from the Miro support team. However, before you create a support ticket with Miro, I would suggest that look within your organization to see who there own Miro/the vendor relationship and can help you add more members to your team. Hopefully there is an internal support channel. I only suggest this route over the Miro support ticket as you may get somewhere quicker via internal contacts. It’s not that the Miro support service is slow, rather they may just refer you some someone in your organization who administers your Miro subscription (this is usually someone with the role of Company Admin for your Miro subscription).