colormanagement / colorprofile tags in images

  • 11 October 2021
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Dear Community. 


I have questions about colour accuracy within the miro app: 

Does the miro app supply colourmanagement for images?


Here my test: 

Two identical images showing red, green and blue. each colour at the max of 255. 

Both saved as JPGs, only difference, the colour tag. One “AdobeRGB(1998)”, the other “sRGB”. 

When compared in two windows on one screen within Photoshop, you should see: 

(R/255. G/0. B/0) Red sRGB is darker than AdobeRGB(1998)

(R/0. G/255. B/0) Green sRGB is paler than AdobeRGB(1998) 

(R/0. G/0. B/255) Blue sRGB is almost the same to AdobeRGB(1998). 


Unfortunately, when displayed in miro, the colours all appear the same. 

Maybe I got something wrong, if not: 


Dear miro.

sooii group produces (virtual/CGI) images and we discuss their development and post production via miro. Due to the subject, colours are important. Will there be colourmanagement in miro? 

Thankful for any hint. 


With regards, 


image editor

2 replies

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Hi @Nikolas.Maucy,

Thank you for your question!


The algorithms indeed process all images before putting them to a board. Consequently, the colour palette can  slightly change.

It's been this way for a while, yet I understand how important it is for you. I am awaiting a reply from our Tech Team whether there any plans to make changes in the algorithm or not. Once I receive, I will inform you right away!

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Hi @Nikolas.Maucy,

Thank you for waiting!

I received a reply from our Tech Team. Colormanagement feature will indeed be consider some time later, when Tech Team starts working on design-related cases. Currently we are aiming at the development of some other functionality mainly connected with collaboration. 

However, to draw more attention to the Colormanagement feature, could you please be so kind to head over to submit your idea to our Wish List? By adding your idea, you’ll help us collect all the feedback in one place and create a live community of passionate contributors that drives change together!

Thank you for making Miro better!