Cannot login on iPad with Office 365

  • 30 July 2021
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On an iPad with the Miro app, I tap the icon to login with Office 365.

This takes me to Safari, and I can login successfully. I then end up at a page that says, “Great now return to the app” and has a button to do so. I touch the button and the page just reloads.

If I manually go to the Miro app, nothing has happened, and it is still asking for a login.

I have tried logging out of my office 365 account on Safari and doing the process again and I get the same result.
I have also tried force quitting Miro after the login has taken place, but this does not work either.

Any ideas on what to do or is this a bug?



4 replies

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Hi Richard,


Sorry to hear you can’t connect to your Office 365 account from Miro tablet app.

As first troubleshooting steps, I would recommend the following :

  • Please make sure your iPad is running iOS version 10 or higher
  • Close all your active apps except Miro and Safari
  • Clear Safari’s cache (Open Settings, and scroll down to the fifth group of options - starting with Passwords & Accounts. Tap Safari. Scroll down and tap 'Clear History and Website Data'. In the popup, tap 'Clear History and Data' to confirm. Note that this will log you out of any websites you've currently signed into.)

I hope this helps, please let me know if the problem remains.



Tried the mentioned troubleshooting steps and it did not work out :-(

Same thing on the iPhone.

Check the video :-)

Hey @Elmocito,

I’ll convert your post into a support ticket - the team will investigate the case and get back to you via email.


Thanks, @Marina.

It is working now with the Magic Link.

With the M365 Link it still is not…

Nevertheless. It is working now 🎉