Can I collapse and expand Mind Map nodes like other mind mapping tools

  • 11 January 2021
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Hi All,



I am just evaluating Miro. 

I like to keep my mind maps simple either by:


  1. Collapsing nodes
  2. Hiding all nodes other than node with focus ie F6 in XMind
  3. Creating a submap with a backlink


How this be achieved in Miro?


Thanks in advanced,




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5 replies

Hi @EdB,

The Support team has already replied to you that there’s no this functionality yet. Feel free to upvote the Wish List idea -  Collapsible branches on the mind maps :slight_smile:


Hi @Marina 


Do you know when this feature will be available? Is it an actual work in progress? or ?


Thank you,


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Hi @John Schroeder 

Welcome to the Miro Online Community!

It’s not possible to tell when it’s going to be available! If the feature is being listed in the wishlist ideas then it might be available in the future.

Maybe it’s under the backlog list of the developers and will be soon starting working on it but there might be other features that Miro wants to launch before this feature because the developers might be working on some features already. So those features will come first then they might work on this new feature!


I believe the Miro team implied they don’t really plan to support Mindmaps and for that reason they don’t want to include typical functionality of a feature.  That’s why they don’t reply to customers on these boards. 


I was migrating from Mindmeister to Miro and was very disappointed to find out that MindMap nodes in Miro can’t collapse :disappointed:. This makes navigation more difficult and confusing for big maps. Hope they add this functionality soon.