Can a share a video via MIRO in Video Chat?

  • 16 April 2020
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we are organising a workshop next week and will present something in MIRO (video chat - presentation mode).
We also want to show a film (youtube or other) during this presentation.  We tried it yesterday in a smaller group, but the audience could only see the film, but did not hear the sound.

Can anyone help me on this point?





Best answer by Kiron Bondale 16 April 2020, 16:17

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4 replies

Thanks, we’ll try this out!


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I’ve actually found independent video viewing to be the best option. Even with a tool like Zoom, I found for some of the students in a class I taught last week that a YouTube video played poorly over the video connection but when they all launched it separately it worked out well.

Thanks for you fast answer… We wanted to avoid the need to send two links (to two seperate tools) for one workshop.

But maybe the option to click roughly at the same moment on the link to the film can be useful…  We will try this out.


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@Annick -

You would likely have to do this outside of Miro using a video conferencing solution like Zoom, MS Teams or something similar. It looks like any external content from an iFrame doesn’t show in Screen Share mode. 

One option if you didn’t want to use a separate screen sharing tool would be to embed the video in the board and have everyone click on it at roughly the same time - that way, they could see it for themselves.