Board Freezes on Desktop. Not in Browser.

  • 28 July 2021
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I’m having an issue where a board we use freezes as soon as I try to zoom. This only happens when using the Miro desktop. It works fine in-browser.

It’s also only this one board. Even when that board freezes I can still open other boards and use them fine.

The board is very image heavy, but so are the others. We use Miro for design projects and post lots of high resolution imagery.

4 replies


Thanks Robert - Will try but Other users are having the same issue on the same board. We are investigating the PDF files - they are uploads from our students and we suspect they may have complex paths in there somewhere. We are also trying a reduced file size save from Acrobat (always a good idea anyway) and have duplicated the board and comparing performance with images rather than PDFs. 

We are new to using Miro but next week start using it with 100s of students so want to resolve this asap


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Perhaps a code update was pushed out and caches need to be cleared.

In a browser, one would Google ‘how to clear the browser cache’. As for the desktop, there are steps in the following Help Center article on how to reset the application data:

Perhaps this a long shot, but worth a few minutes to try.


I’m having the same issue in both app and browser. Freezes for a while then randomly works. Not too much content - a few PDFs all under 5MB

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@DaveM -

Are you able to replicate this behavior from a different device or have someone else try to replicate it via the desktop app from a different device?

If it is happening consistently, I’d suggest opening a Miro support request here: Submit a request – Miro Support & Help Center