Automatic License Assignment

  • 21 June 2021
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Hello Everyone

We try to figure out a solution to implement automatic license assignment in Miro for specific groups. We have thousands of users and some of the will get a license, some of them not.

The best way to go would be a ad group. If the user is in a specific ad group, a license will be assigned in Miro. We have Azure AD and SCIM already configured.

Anyone of you guys has an idea how to solve this? Thanks for your help!


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2 replies

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Hi Martin!

Unfortunately this functionality is not currently possible. Feel free to pitch your idea to the Wish List! Make sure to describe your use case. More tips are in this helpful guide.

Thank you! 

To be clear, when you say automatic license assignment, you mean the ability to systematically move a user from Full to Free specifically?  AD group → SSO provisioning is the best path in, through either department, or internal request\approval ticketing system, and on boarding.  The scenario of a user that no longer requires Miro for their workflow that is left out of the API’s as far as I can tell.