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  • 31 July 2021
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I am totally new to Figma. Excited about the prospect of creating new stuff. Have a question that might sound dumb to the pros.  if I want to show a keypad during design of a mobile app, there must be a alphanumeric keypad somewhere (I am trying to replicate how it looks on the phone when I need to type into fields).....please tell me how to find it. Thank you! I am using the App wireframe template, btw.



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5 replies

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@Jyothi Shankar

'I am totally new to Figma.'

Did you mean 'Miro'?

As for more icons/symbols for wireframes, I would suggest that you install the wireframe library app:

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FYI: I moved this post to the Ask the Community section and tagged it as a 'Question'.

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Thank you. Yes I meant Miro, sorry. I installed the Wireframe app and see a key pad on it. 

Is there any other that looks less like a wire frame and more like a real phone keypad?



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@Jyothi Shankar - With the Google image search and Iconfinder integrations being currently unavailable, here are some options:

  1. Go directly to Google or Iconfinder, search for a keyboard image, and upload it to your board.
  2. Take a screenshot of your phone’s keyboard and upload it to your board - tip: use the Miro mobile app to upload the screenshot directly from your phone to the board.
  3. Use the screenshot I just took of my keyboard (attached to this reply :grinning:)
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Thanks :-)