New video about Miro sticky notes - perfect for sharing!

  • 25 February 2022
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Hi Miro Community,

This week we created a standalone video about Miro sticky notes!

It includes everything you (or maybe a client of yours) would want to know about this handy brainstorming tool. My favorite tip is that you can copy cells from a spreadsheet and paste them on a Miro board to create individual sticky notes. Such a time saver! Check out the 4-min video in the standalone section at Miro Academy:

What’s your favorite tip about sticky notes? Share with us below!

3 replies

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@Robert Johnson @mlanders Thank you for the feedback, this is why we are excited to connect more often in the community space! I will share these thoughts with the team.

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  • But you cannot rotate it ..
  • You cannot colorize it in your favorite colour
  • You can only use two fonts

Collaboard can create out of talbles the same and

  • rotate
  • colorize it
  • use more fonts in your stickies ...


And … one question:

Why you present this video with a rotated sticky note although you cannot rotate stickies …

And of course the Miro Blue for the Sticky note is not available in the colour palette … so why confusing your customers by promising something they can not get from your product ...



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Will these newly released videos be redone with the new UI?