Miroverse Challenge: Team Connection ​​​​🤝

  • 16 November 2021
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Miroverse Challenge: Team Connection ​​​​🤝

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  • Your full name: Romy Oceane Smith
  • Role and company: Scrum Master, Stint

  • Mention category: team building, Icebreakers

  • Miro board embedded with your template (with view access): 


  • Instructions (included in the template)

3 minute Video (

Icebreaker Islands, Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration - 10 January 2022 - Watch Video




The ‘Icebreaker Islands’ template is all about team building. It ties 6 icebreakers together into a single game that can be played in a single social event or over a series of weeks.

It was created to build team bonding exercises into your teams’ process. 



  • Any team (ideally sized 4 - 8*)

This is particularly beneficial for:

  •  Relatively ‘new’ teams;

  •  Teams in need of stronger interpersonal connections;

  •  Hybrid or Remote teams with a strong culture but who need to maintain it (remotely).



  • This was designed to be built into a recurring weekly or fortnightly team meeting. For example, a project check-in, virtual ‘drinks’ or even a team retrospective.

  • It could also be played as a single game. For example, to introduce colleagues from across teams in a virtual company social event.


How Does it Work?

  • Your journey begins at ‘arrivals’; where you and your team will play the first of 6 challenges.

  • You will then travel across all of the ‘Icebreaker Islands’, discovering a different icebreaker at each one.

  • Once the first 5 challenges are complete, you will reach your final destination: the ‘mystery island’, where ‘X marks the spot’ & you play the final challenge.

P.S. Thanks for running the competition. I always have a lot of fun using miro-based-meetings to achieve my goals for the teams; however, the high standard of templates from across the miro community really made me challenge my miro skills and level up my formatting. 

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  • @Vincent Schnor (a Company Board by @Netzwerkknoten)
  • Agile Coach & Organisational Consultant @Netzwerkknoten
  • Category: Team Building
  • Instructions are in Miroverse & on the board
  • Title: Hybrid Culture Canvas
  • Link: https://miro.com/miroverse/hybrid-culture-canvas/


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  • @Vincent Schnor (a Company Board by @Netzwerkknoten)
  • Agile Coach & Organisational Consultant @Netzwerkknoten
  • Category: Team Building
  • Instructions are in Miroverse & on the board
  • Title: Open Space Remote Edition
  • Link: https://miro.com/miroverse/open-space-remote-edition/


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Chocolate Bar Game

In this game your players will be mostly customers while the only a few players will make up the team and PO. It works great for teams of 5 and up, but you may need to make multiple copies for teams over 10. By the end of each round the customers will answer yes or no if they would buy the candy bar.

This game is not so much about chocolate as it is about satisfying customers while under constraints. This game will also get you to empathize with the product owner as well as the customers and create great conversations/analogies around the constraints you may face in your current organization.

Can your team satisfy your customers? Put your product ownership to the test and have some fun with this great game.

Check out the video below for an idea of how to facilitate the game and some of the conversations that it created for us.




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Wake Up In The Morning


Everyone has a morning routine... 

But not everyone's morning looks the same. Some involve pets, others kids, some are breakfast people... while others are not. 

In this virtual agile game, we adapted the popular "Wake Up In The Morning" game. This game comes Jeff Patton's book "User Story Mapping". Steve Fraser and I collaborated on this template together to bring this amazing game to the Miroverse. You can watch the video below on this page or on m YouTube channel about how to play. Full instructions are also provided in the template as well.

This game is a great exercise for story mapping, iterative development, creating an MVP, Sprint Planning, and much more. It can also be a great way for new teams to get to know each other.

- Keep On Learning!



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Penny Game

The Penny Game is a popular agile game to teach the importance of reducing batch sizing and the evils of large workloads. It helps people understand the time it takes to deliver value to a customer.

How to use this template

This game is ideally for 10 people plus the facilitator but can be scaled back to 4 people with the facilitator taking over the roles of the customer and the scribe. Each worker would then use their cell phone to start timing the start/stop time of themselves, while the facilitator tracks time from the first coin flipped/changed colour by the first worker... to the last penny flipped by the last worker.

If you enjoy please subscribe to my YouTube Channel where I review other games, create templates, and provide resources for your teams!



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Social Bull’s Eye DIY workshop

  • Lech Guzowski
  • Workplace Culture Design @ human
  • Team building

Inspired by an activity done at Chicago Bulls during the Michael Jordan era, the purpose of this activity is to see under the surface and create a picture of how people see themselves in relation to the team. It's a great exercise to improve team cohesion as it encourages vulnerability and showcases other people's perspectives.

You start bask asking everyone to position themselves on the bull's eye based on how connected they feel to the team.  Then you focus on discussing and exploring what makes individual feel more and less connected. The real value is in the final part where the group discussed what they should continue or stop doing to help improve things.

Step by step instructions can be found inside the template.



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Hi, I am the Founder of The Creative Gym. For the Ice Breaking and Team Building Category, here is my entry for Life Values Auction. 

What's Life Values Auction?

Harvard research indicates that of all the things that boost emotions, motivation, and perception during a day, the single most important thing is making progress in doing things that are meaningful to you. What are the things that are meaningful to you and the underlying value that guide your action?


At Life Value Auction, a fun exploration of self-discovery game, we will come together to play an auction simulation game and dig deeper into the values, lessons learned and stories behind your choice and gain more clarity in your life’s value!


How does Life Values Auction works?

  • Imagine right now you join a virtual camp with a group of friend to discuss about life choices based on the the time you have left in your life i.e. 10 years and that’s all you have to bid the 20 items in the auction list, from being a millionaire to living a worry-free life, what’s your choice?
  • Bidding on an item indicates you are willing to spend “x” years on achieving such goal ("Cards" as auction items) and "1 Life Coin" = 1 year of your life.



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  • Your template must be in English.


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Hi @Christophe GESCHÉ Indeed, we only accept templates in English at the moment. If you already have a template, would you be interested in translating it into English? That would be great :grinning: