🏆 Ending the Stickers Contest

  • 30 November 2021
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Dear Miro Community,

A little over a month ago we launched Stickers in Miro, offering you more fun ways to express yourself. Our goal is to grow our stickers library so that you can find a relevant sticker for any situation ─ whether that’s celebrating success as a team or giving a colleague a tap on their back when they need it the most. 

In the spirit of co-creation, we’ve given our community the opportunity to add stickers and unfortunately we haven’t received many stickers to date. 

But this won’t stop us from reaching our goal to offer you a great variety of stickers so that you have one for every situation and every mood. So we will reach out to some of the most creative illustrators out there to design awesome stickers for our users and we would like to hear from you what kind of stickers you’d like to see. 


:bulb:  Please comment on this thread with your ideas on the types of stickers you’d like to see! 


Thank you,


4 replies

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I don’t really see any difference between stickers and icons, and there are plenty of those...

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@julia_rudge :

I will point out a proposal of @Norrene Godfrey:


to give an option to upload our own stickers / graphics into miro so everyone has got it’s own sticker library.

Till now we users have got no option to use
our own-shortcut one-click-away graphics … this is a real missing tool.

I appreciate already to use stickers but I would prefer to add my own for myself.

So some of the stickers are nice … but not everyone of them is one that I would use … so this should be more customizable.



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Thanks for the feedback @mlanders , this is super useful and we'll consider this in next iterations

@julia_rudge any new sticker contests coming? We have teams of designers itching for more, and who have started to make their own. Happy to contribute!