Has anyone ever created a reading list Miro board? Any examples?

  • 16 June 2020
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So we are keen on creating a list of educational and informative material that the whole product design team can contribute to and take value from. This could be books, online resources and also courses. A Trello list is our first option, or a spreadsheet. But I was wondering if anyone had created a board in Miro in an intuitive way that could accommodate a collaborative reading list? It’s a basic one, but keen to see how creative others have been!

5 replies

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@Dale Owen 

What type of books are you hoping for in this list? 

-product design?

-design thinking ?

-group process? 

-visual thinking / productivity ? 


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@Dale Owen -

One way is a simple Kanban framework with the use of tags for different genres/categories and the columns for the stages you feel are of value would be one way to go.

You could use dot voting or comments as a means of incorporating review feedback on the books.


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Hi @Dale Owen,

You can use the Kanban template and edit it to your needs.

You can then share it with the rest of your team, and everyone could add and discover resources.

Here’s a screenshot of a quick example I did using the Kanban template:

Using the Kanban template to create an Educational Resources list.

I hope that helps!

Michael Sohn

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Knowledge Maps: Diagram + Reading List

Knowledge Map found on the web

@Dale Owen

Perhaps you can leverage Miro’s uniqueness as an open canvas with amazing resource embed features - as opposed to other linear, hierarchical or tabular cataloging methods for making lists - and exploit the ability to build ‘knowledge maps.” 

Imagine a venn diagram reading list, a branching and rejoining path reading list, a network or system diagram reading list of your conceptual/domain space.  I’ve also enjoyed using Miro’s Youtube, web-snippet and PDF embed features, to add those resources when making knowledge-maps.  

Here’s some other cool knowledge maps here[1][2][3][4][5].


Venn Diagram: Reading List

Here I mocked you up a venn diagram reading list with some popularly known books.



COBOL for DUMMIES … thats a hot engineering book right now … right?  FORTRAN..?






Here’s another totally made up view of the technical/concept space of a hypothetical grid battery storage company. The conceptual subspaces roughly move from left to right along their value chain: from know-how to execution. Having a reading list for an organization reflect and reinforce the shared mental model for the organization can help orient org education and collaborative/shared knowledge into the ‘big systems picture’ of the organization. Further more this layout empowers the spatialization of interdisciplinary concept spaces; the ‘overlaps’ of sub domains, the areas managers desperately need people to collaborate and share ‘vision’ and ‘vocabulary.’ By having interdisciplinary overlap spaces people can build collaborative knowledge and understanding into those locations.  Sorry they aren’t super pretty - Keep in mind I’m making these diagrams up super quickly...





Here’s a mock up of a semi-directed, branching reading list. Very useful for instructional design.  I can see teams using this for very clear on-boarding and orientation resources or continuing education. This layout allows for one to read a many different layers of organization and relationship in one glance: whats critical path learning path and whats secondary related resources, whats related to what, what comes before what, what is in the concept space of ‘yellow’ and whats in ‘red’ and which resources branch between, etc.  


Happy Miro-ing, 


Hey @Dale Owen, have your already created a reading list? We are keen to see! :blush:

By the way, @Dan Fennessy has just shared his board with recommended books here - https://community.miro.com/lounge-area-61/what-book-books-are-you-currently-reading-762?postid=7130#post7130. Go check it out!