'The Virtual Middle Place'

  • 1 March 2021
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A very insightful study by PwC on #remotework trends. Zooming on the 'physical office' conundrum, it seems like employers and employees have different expectations on what the physical workplace should deliver.

In my mind, I can see a promising middle ground that is the hybrid model. Simply because none of those factors quoted by both employers and employees are impossible to achieve while working remotely.

What I'm proposing (in fact, a couple of my clients are running away with this idea!) is the concept of 'Virtual Middle Place' (somebody has a snazzier moniker?) It is a hybrid workplace enabled by collaborative and interactive platforms such as Miro, Mural and Stormboard.

It is a middle place for an organisation where some people will choose to work from home, some in the office, and most will switch their environments once in a while. A very fluid working environment, yet always connected.

Using #virtualmiddleplace, facilitative leadership theories and techniques, I believe I can help organisations achieve the following easily:
- Increase productivity
- Enable effective work collaboration
- Enable, develop and evolve company culture
- Interactive meetings with clients and colleagues
- Training and career development
...and many other possibilities!

I'm very convinced that none of the above is impossible. Your thoughts? Are you working on something like this in your organisation?

My original LinkedIn post: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ismantanuri_remotework-virtualmiddleplace-hybridmodel-activity-6771997306117062656-dJ8m


3 replies

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Thanks for sharing @Isman Tanuri !

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@Isman Tanuri -

Thoughtful insights!

Hybrid work places are likely going to be the norm in most industries where in person work is not mandatory. The challenge for leaders and team members is making sure that there is equivalence of performance, evaluation, and recognition when some team members are co-located and others are not.


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That’s an equally great insight, @Kiron Bondale, thank you. I’m developing content and that’s one area that should be considered, discussed and possibly lots of mindset shifting for the evaluators in teams.