Organize board for conducting and storing Scrum ceremonies

  • 30 November 2020
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We are using Miro to help us during Scrum Sprint Retrospective meetings.

In our team this happens every other week.

So the question is: How to keep these boards organized over time?

We thought about creating a new board for every meeting, but we are going to end up having about 26 new boards in the project ever year.

Or we could use a single board (maybe one for every year instead) and have copies of the retrospective template in the corresponding board.


Is there a common practice, recommendation or guidance on how to organize this?






3 replies

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@Igor Kondrasovas -

Given that you don’t want retros to get stale, I’d suggest the visual method used to generate ideas and to prioritize/select them should change regularly. That would imply that whether you use the same Miro board or not, you should be updating it before each retro. In case you need ideas for great retro boards in Miro, Chris Stone (“The virtual agile coach”) has tons of great examples.

As a standard widget in a retro board, I’d include a Kanban widget so that you can keep track of the ideas which the team wants to experiment with from retro to retro, but as far as the activities to get to those, I’d suggest flushing them at the end of each retro once you have taken an export of the board.

By doing this, you make it easy for the team to find the retro board as it will be the same URL for each sprint.


@Kiron Bondale 

Thanks for the reply and suggestions.

Let me see if I get your point: The Kanban widget would have an undefined lifetime and would centralize all agreed ideas/actionable items from the retros, so we can easily keep track of them. 

Next, from retro to retro we could be more flexible and use different widgets and templates to make the ceremony more interesting. Then we get the new ideas/actionable items and add them to the existing Kanban widget. Finally, export/flush the retro widget before the next retro.

Did I get the idea?

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@Igor Kondrasovas -

you got it! Just take a PDF export of the board after each retro so it can be stored on the team’s Confluence or whatever information sharing tool your team is using before you flush out the old contents.