Online Offsite: myth or our new reality?

  • 2 August 2021
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:confetti_ball:  This week we have our annual offsite at Miro! :confetti_ball:


Usually, offsite is an event when the entire distributed Miro team comes together to a single place to work and have fun together.

Due to You-Know-What, this year our offsite (just like in 2020) was transformed into a HUGE virtual event :computer: 

And this is so cool! We have all-hands sessions, as well as breakout rooms with activities; fireside chats and amazing quizzes, and more.


:question: Do you usually have an offsite at your company? Did/Will you have an offsite this year? If yes, in what format?

:question: Do you believe that online events can be as engaging as in-person ones?

Please share your thoughts in the comments :relaxed::point_down_tone2: 



The world’s biggest retro at Miro Summer Offsite 2020


6 replies

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Sounds like a blast @Marina - especially given how much Miro has grown over the last year, staff-wise.

In some respects, online events can be more engaging that in-person ones as there’s greater recognition upfront of the need to create a sense of community and to avoid turning it into “Death by PowerPoint” which often happens with in-person offsites.


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@Kiron Bondale there is something special about going to gallery view and seeing hundreds of faces as though they’re right next to you! That’s something you don’t get in person. 🙂 Yes, it’s impossible to replicate the buzz of an in-person experience, but I love the reminder that this new format helps us connect with new opportunities. 


This was my first day of my first Miro offsite and it was definitely engaging! My favorite part was seeing the way our featured customers use Miro. It was a great reminder to have FUN with our boards! 

@Kiron Bondale, totally agree that it requires a great deal of prep work and planning to create that sense of community and make sure all meetings and events are interesting, engaging and (most importantly) valuable to people. 

I am personally still in two minds about online events. While I enjoy online meetings and this feeling of structure and when almost everything is expected and planned, I still miss real people, I miss that instant interaction, laughs, cheers… Looking forward to meeting the team and our amazing community in-person one day :fingers_crossed_tone2:


@Alexis Luscutoff, by the way, it was @Kiron Bondale who joined our 2020 summer offsite :blush:

The format was a bit different: we recorded the interview and showed it to the whole company in one of the sessions :bulb:


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Yes, the spontaneity may be a little less with online events. However, more people get more involved and engaged during these virtual offsites (IF properly planned and prepped) than in-person ones, in my opinion. I’ve had many in the past where people were simply there because “ooh, it’s a perk”, “air miles for me!” or “just turning up for the free food” :)

It’s all down to the level of planning and, of course, expert facilitation 🙂 *ahem ahem*

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It’s all down to the level of planning and, of course, expert facilitation 🙂 *ahem ahem*



Fair point, @Isman Tanuri :smile: