Integrative Thinking Case Study

  • 17 August 2021
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Hi there Miro Community, 


The video below is a walkthrough of an integrative thinking case study I did this week. It walks our business owner through a tough decision around how she wants to grow her business. She isn’t content with option A or B, so she creates option LMNOP. 


I’d love feedback and I’m also curious to know how you guys handle the process-to-practical Miro applications in your own work. 



Here’s a link to the board if you’d like to check it out in further detail: 


3 replies

@Patty Dowdy thank you for sharing this case study! Now I know about the Integrative Thinking approach :nerd:

I wonder - why did you decide to add the pen drawings? Or are these live notes you made when demonstrating the board? :art:

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Thanks @Marina


The pen tool is my favorite! I have a background that includes both art and business, so using Miro finally gives me the freedom to explore both! The pen tool allows me to incorporate some of my personal style into the boards that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. 

Side note: I’m a lifelong meeting/phone call doodler so this is really just taking that practice to the next level. 

Art and business is a nice combination :thumbsup_tone2:

We’ll be happy to see more of your Miro art!