Idea needed to work on 50 Math Problems

  • 26 August 2021
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I have 50 Math questions that I want my students to work on. How do I do that with Miro App?


I need some idea.


What I have in mind is, paste all the 50 questions on the Miro Whiteboard, and then as students are working on their individual questons then I will get them to draw the frame (custom size) so that they can fit their solutions in one page and then export it.


But the bigger question is, how to make sure they do not interfere with each other, i’m just afraid that they might mistakenly mess up with another kid questions.

1 reply

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I don’t have a precise answer for you. 
but… I’ve seen a bit of forum traffic on similar education use cases. Here’s some I recall from search. You might find ideas, inspiration, or advisor / collaborators as you scan these posts… :)

There’s a whole section of the Miro forum called Educator Community. They’re missing you!
find it here


Some maybe relevant posts.

Best of Luck!