Hidden Facilitator notes

  • 22 September 2020
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I’m in the process of converting a powerpoint deck into Miro and was wondering how people used facilitator notes on their Miro boards?


I can take a transparent approach and keep everything visible, but i also like the idea of having some notes for facilitator eyes only.


Does anyone have a solutions for this? I was thinking about the possibility of using hidden frames too..

2 replies

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@Jesh macDonald - While there is currently no way to have private items on a board, one option for storing notes that keeps them off of the board itself unless a user explicitly opens it is the Visual Notes pane.

A few things to note about the Visual Notes pane:

  • When you have the visual notes pane open, it does not open for the rest of the board participants.
  • The first time someone else opens your board and there are notes in the pane, the pane does open (perhaps not ideal in your use case). You could instruct them all to just close it. The next time they open the board, the pane stays closed. If you make updates in the pane, they will just see a little blue dot:
  • If you have the visual notes pane open and then use the board’s Screen Sharing feature, a lite version of the pane will be displayed to anyone who joins your screens share.
  • The visual notes pane stays open while you’re in presentation mode.

I have also resorted to using a whole other Miro board for my notes and had that board open on my other monitor.

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@Jesh macDonald -

I’d echo @Robert Johnson’s suggestion to have a duplicate of your class board and just add the notes in text boxes under the frames. Of course, this would likely require a dual screen setup so that you could have your instructor board on one screen and the (shared) class board on the other.